Once Off Donation

Make an EFT donation to support Happy Yappers with the much-needed funds to help dogs in need.

Please email us proof of any donations so that we can add you to our tax register for your annual tax certificate:

Should anyone wish to contribute specifically to our veterinary bill, please use the words VETERINARY BILL as your reference.

Sponsor a Dog

Make a difference in the life of a dog by sponsoring them for just R350 per month.

Your sponsorship will provide shelter, food, and primary health care for the dog you choose for a full month. And even if the dog gets adopted, your support will continue to feed and care for the next dog in the kennel.

In recognition of your generosity, we’ll put your name on a plaque outside the kennel of your chosen dog. Please email us proof of your donation at, so we can ensure your name is displayed on the kennel and include you in our tax register for your annual tax certificate.

Reference: Your Name + Dog’s Name

Sponsor a Sterilisation

Did you know that one female and one male dog and their offspring can produce over 12,000 puppies in just 5 years? Overpopulation is a serious problem that leads to the suffering and euthanasia of countless dogs. That’s why we offer Sterilisation Services as part of our Outreach Programme.

You can help us prevent unwanted litters and save lives by sponsoring a sterilization for only R550. Your support will cover the cost of the procedure, as well as medication and aftercare.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of dogs and their communities. Please donate today and sponsor a Steri!

Reference: Your Name + Sterilisation

Special Occasions

Celebrate your special occasion by supporting Happy Yappers!

Instead of receiving gifts, ask your friends and loved ones to make a donation to our shelter in your honor. This is a meaningful way to celebrate while also helping us care for our dogs.

Reference: Your Name + Contact Number

Once the donation has been made, please send us an email at with your name and contact information, as well as the name of the person who made the donation in your honor. We’ll make sure to acknowledge your support on our social media pages and website. Thank you for considering Happy Yappers as your shelter of choice for your special occasion. Your support will help us continue our mission to rescue and care for dogs in need.

Banking Details:

Happy Yappers Animal Sanctuary

First National Bank

Acc 62798469485

Branch code: 210210

Or Donate Online